Idea for Nimbus sea update (after the dark sea update releases)

What if the Dark sea blocked the crew from entering the Nimbus sea? what if Morden used the Death curse to create a little force field around the crew’s ship so the crew can easily go THROUGH the Dark sea and reach the Next sea (AKA the Nimbus sea). I know its pointless but it might be a cool game mechanic that the player might use in the Future.

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the impostor is here, welcome them (or whoever wants to)

this likely wouldnt happen because the war seas are close enough together to be safe from the effects of the dark sea (called a sea cluster for a reason)

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oh yeah, forgot about that

What if there’s just this mischievously small gap between 2 seas that’s this extremely small thin line of dark sea and whenever you go through it absolutely nothing happens but it’s just this weird line of purple water between 2 bodies of clear blue water.

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the most realistic image from spongebob that describes my situation