Ideas for Ao's combat

This is post is just to brain storm ideas, once I get a conclusive well thought out idea I’ll apply for suggestor role.

One idea is making parrying more fluid for combat. Parrying an attack at a certain distance causes the person parrying to immediately counter with an attack that has kb depending on the class or weapon they’re using.

If a counter that comes with parries isn’t suitable for the game what about, counter-skill’s I know Vetex plans one for shield and probably other weapons. The kind of counter skills I’d like to see would be diverse some very quick and punctual others with cutscenes with cool camera angles. I like to imagine a berserker grabbing a warriors sword and then punches,kicks or whatever the counter is then sends him flying. If the combat were meticulous as to how different counters reacted to each other that would be cool. The thing with Ao thoe is that there is so much projectiles in combat so using counters would be pretty niche and pretty much only used against weapon and fighting style users. I think the shield counter skill will be a “full counter” kind of deal probably sending back projectile attacks to the other player twice the strength and size.

I cant wait for more tactical and counter options to be introduced to Ao, it will make the fights a lot less spammy with the only defenses being block and dodge.

The new skills Galaga is adding next update look pretty promising and great for hunting runners and not casual players like leaderboard players who notoriously run a lot.

Maybe at some point in the future we can find a parry specialist trainer who gives us counters for parry’s I was talking about earlier kind of like how dodge reflex works. maybe u can only have one weapon, fighting style, or magic that you can have a special parry animation for. this whole parry animation idea still needs work those like maybe I can think of animations for each class and then list them here and see if it makes sense.

I had a quick thought to make it simple the parry animations only work when fighting another class using the same style of combat.

-weapons; any attack that isn’t a projectile can be activated upon parrying another weapon user. Person parrying catches the attacker and they both pause for a second and then knocks them back

-magic; when attacked with blast or beam you can parry and activate a bubble around you with whatever magic you have and it nullifies the attack. this one is mostly aesthetic.

  • fighting styles; would activate an animation of either catching a fist or leg, and throwing them.

this idea is separate from the previous and brings back old aa clashing potentially

-weapons; same thing but activates clashing from AA and these clashes can only be activated if both players have the animation unlocked and equipped from the mentor.

-magic; brings back old aa clashing but like weapons cant be activated unless both players got the animation from the mentor and can be removed by talking to the mentor.

fighting styles; same animations as before and has clashing but doesn’t activate unless both players have it equipped from the mentor.

I could see bringing back clashing as reasonable since it’ll be optional and you can’t force other players who don’t want to into it.


grabs sword Haha! warrior literally just pulls the sword and cuts the berserker’shand

yeah thats why i changed it to only against the same combat style does it activate.

i think i came to my conclusive idea towards the end so ig this post is just the process of that

Anyway for an actual response, I think some small vfx changes for certain things just make it so much cooler, but this might just be because I look for little details in games.

An example of this in game is how lightning’s pillar explosion is actually a lightning bolt

A couple ideas ive has for these sorts of things are:

  • Small vfk changes depending on if you have high stats in something, like if you had high power, a toned down version of the aura effect would permanently be around the character

  • All clashes being unique (would be very difficult to do but would add to immersion and vfx greatly), such as earth and metal producing sparks, wind and fire creating a small tornado of fire, and many other unique clashes instead of them all being sparks, steam or equinox

  • Sma details that make magic feel more magical, like earth magic shockwaves could become blocks of earth that move up and down in a wave outwards, or a crystal shockwave being a bunch of crystals which grow outwards instead of just being 5 small spherical crustal clusters. I could go on and on about all these different ideas I have but for the fact that this bullet point is already too long, I won’t

I know I probably have more than I have half forgotten but I think you get the point.

Obviously mayor VFX changes would have to happen before this, such as making all the solid magics look better, improving light vfx and so many other things, but I would love to see some of these added on the future.

If you can’t tell the VFX is one of my favourite part of arcane odyssey and magic games in general


Ok I’m about to make a weapons one now as I think fighting styles and spirit energy both look cool and perfectly fine as they are.

Unique clash effects would be cool

Ok, ive done a VFX improvements list for magic so now I’ll do one for weapons, as I have major problems with weapons vfx too.

  • First of all, the animations. Lots of the animations for weapon skills are mediocre, and they arent necessarily bad, but just don’t have that same flare to them that magic has. And I think this is what drives people away from using weapons. If animations were improved such as the sword draws having a short dash animation instead of just teleporting or grabs running smoothly into their attacks, it would just improve the flow and gameplay so much.

  • Next up, another one that greatly annoys me is weapon aura. I know lore wise that it is only trace amounts of magic energy that gets imbued but there are differences between lore and game. Pre -awaking can stay as it is, with faintly tinted skills that match the weapon. But post-awakening, it would be so much better. Normal weapons would have glowing auras around them, with rusty/ old weapons being a dark red/muddy red, iron /normal weapons would have a silvery-blue aura/bright (the dye colour), kingdom weapons would follow there kingdoms respectivw colours, like the ravvena greataxe woukd have a deep orange aura or the samerian scimitar would have a bright yellow aura.

gonna make a separate paragraph for rare weapons but it’s still the same bullet point

Rare weapons would have more colourful, unique and generally cooler looking aura, to go with their more unique stats and appearances. These aura would actually radiate from the blade more then others, due to the weapons being higher quality and better at handling magic. I currently think the best weapon aura in the game is probably the vindicator’s and Kai’s Sabre’s. They would all be as good and as colourful as these, with some small improvements. For example, elius’s weapons would have a faint golden glow when they are not in use, but flare up with deep violet energy whenever a skill is used. Another example could be the scald tooth dagger, which would have heat shimmer and a faint orange-red glow when not in use, but would have fire particles and effects around the crimson aura on skills and around the blade when skills are in use.

  • Finally, we have imbues. I know this seems simple but I find them rather irritating depending on the magic, now I can’t say much about fighting styles as i have only ever played as a sailor ice warlock but i know that magic imbues often look terrible sometimes depending on the the weapon and magic, which i will get into later

First up, magic. Some imbues look perfectly fine: fire, sand, water etc. But certain magics just become the worst thing ever when imbued onto a weapon. Any solid magic will look terrible if it is imbued onto a weapon. I don’t know if any of you have seen a wood conjurer, but it basically looks like a sword made of shit. Onto the next part of magic, is the skills. On some skills they look perfectly fine (this one also mostly applies to solid magics) but on others, they become terrible. When I was an ice conjurer, the VFX for devastate were so bad they were one of the factors that made me switch my main profile. It was basically a weird lumpy floor of ice instead of something better, like a large slab of ice that is cracked and shattered, or the thing i mentioned with earth earlier.

As the last thing I will say on this post, weapon auras with magic imbues. This one doesn’t require much to fix, just a small feature. So as I said before, magics would have much more vibrant and interesting auras, which aura colours clashing with mavic colours can already be a problem for some, so here is the solution i just came up with. In the imbuements tab that appears when you press H, there would be an option to tick two boxes. One would be show magic aura and the other would be show weapon aura. I think this would solve this problem. (Also vetex for the love of all things holy please make it so that you only have to press the button once instead of hold it down, it is so annoying and would be a nice qol change to have)

Sorry this took me so long to write, as I got distracted and ended up going in the shower midway through typing this reply.


for parrying, maybe there could be a future upgrade where when you parry an attack you could sort of launch it back kung fu panda style, imbuing it with your chosen ability (slashing it up with weapons, causing a shotgun spray back at the enemy, imbuing it with magic, boosting its stats based on your magic, or punching it and causing it to fly back at the enemy faster)

I asked vetex about reflecting attacks with parry and he said no :sob:

Man this is why I need the suggester role :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

and lemme guess, in canon fists scenario, the parrier would catch the canonball, spin around and throw it back?

I just want the combustion from ebg’s explosion element but as a rare spell
it’d be so cool :frpensive:

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I have some ideas

  • Make a non-elemental magic: basically a magic that just deals damage and that’s it. Just pure magic energy.

  • This one would be a hard undertaking but I say each magic and fighting style should have different learnable move sets by giving them tags on their properties (Liquid, Solid, Heat, Punches, Kicks, grappling, etc).

  • Then after that we need moves only hybrid users can use. No idea what moves to give to them yet. I got inspired because I was playing Ky Kiske on Xrd Rev 2. Also keep the above suggestion in mind as well.

  • And speaking of Ky Kiske, one of his ults had him doing some kind of spinning thing with his arm so that should be a magic casting option

  • We also need Races in the game asap if Vamp will be added (Something like Rogue)

  • And when Ultimate Art Focus/Aura is usable, add extra customization options like changing clothes, hair, color, whatever. That way we can get Super Saiyan type transformations.

  • And the last but most important one: Add breasts and cleavage to the game since Vetex said he would add boobs to the game right? And it should be no problem since Peroxide has em right?

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probably wont be added cause thats just chaos


prob wont be added (except arcanium stuff and allat)

“throughout heaven and earth…”

vet isnt adding races

transformation lost spell is planned afaik

he said if a modeler modeled them and roblox approved them

I didnt think about that fr would be cool thoe

This is lowkey spirit magic imo


transformation lost spell, the one calvus uses

How the fuck can you call pure magic energy a spirit magic?