Ideas for how to keep boss items

Please note that I have not played arcane adventures, so I do not know the storyline.
Also, this is only under the condition that the builders, as well as vetex, have time to make these, when they aren’t nessecarily a required part of the game.

Exiled Items: Exiled could be a miniboss on a small island, as for storyline, It could still be “exiled,” however instead of cast out to another side of the continent, they’ve been exiled to a deserted island, where they reside. This, if accepted, would make oath obtainable as well. Ideas for things that spawn here would be something along the lines of an exiled follower cult, people that are extreme followers of him, and followed him even after he was “exiled” from his home.

Mino Items: The original Minotaur (from greek mythology) from what I know, resided in the labyrinth, a large underground maze. It dosen’t nessecarily have to be a maze, but some kind of underground cavern could do, and mino could be a miniboss spawn in there. ideas for mobs in that spawn here would be skeletons, and maybe a charging bull.

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