Ideas for sensing

I think vetex’s sensing should add eye abilities that allow you to auto dodge like observation haki.


Hell nah



You aint RPing as sans undertale mate

or you know
use your real life eye ability called ‘looking at the screen’ to autododge (pressing shift)

you can’t be THAT lazy

Bro is that one pvphead from blox fruits

double tapping*


we should also be able to auto aim and auto grind boss drops / dark sealed chests so we don’t have to play the game anymore

Great idea, why dodge in skilled combat when you can just let the game automatically dodge every attack for you!

what’s your ign?

This man needs some milk with this suggestion

Omg father is home

another blox fruits player

closest thing we could get to this is slowing down everything near you when a projectile is close so you have the illusion of boosted reaction time
other than that, you cant cook, stand ashamed

I thought sensing was more or less just the ability to sense for certain presences and power levels