Ideas for weapons that could be added in the future

What type of weapons would you guys want to see in the game?
I personally would want weapons that could be used at a very long-range (like rifles) or consumable throwing weapons (like throwing knives or throwing axes).

Magic blasts go on for as far as the eye can see. Just get a bunch of armor for magic speed and you’ll have your rifle.

we need javelins/halberds/battle axes/axes/rapiers/caestus/boomerangs

tbh they would all be dope

All I want is a Magic Zweihänder to be added

thing is they don’t deal damage after they travel like more than 160 meters or so

Legendary Claymore Sword.
Make it happen Vetex

I want the flintlocks back lol, I hope they add some sort of gun or rifle, maybe you could only buy them in a more advanced area like in Citrine town where the MC base supposedly is