If aliens attacked but you had the curse of your magic, how easy would you have of a time killing the aliens?

maybe if that’s how the growth curse works then I see a potential ez win

wait what am I talking about

just use the sacrifice curse to murder the queen

all her eggs

and drones

and when new things give birth, it’s not like they can reproduce, so I’ll just use my curse for mass destruction (for a good cause)

its more or less a parasite that grows inside the stomach for a day or two before bursting out killing the host creature.

(actually there is a way to survive it but meh that’s artificial)

well may as well keep my sacrifice magic on patrol

minute something bursts, it’s done for.

I think ill be alright with the shatter curse, considering it should basically break everything and anything.

sandal has shatterfrost tho :worried:


i dunno man what if i was going against space orcs

I’d probably do well