If Oil floats on water does that make the water O i l y?

I’m making the water is not wet discussion worse

Is water oily if oil floats on water
  • Yes
  • No

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idk but here is a small trick that you can use


So you’re telling me that the reason the Riptide enchantment on tridents lets you fly is merely due to the fact that it’s oiled???


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i dont need to cover myslef in oil cause I’m already oily

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Don’t leak flight magic it’s supposed to be removed

that’s such a fucking stupid joke and it has no right to make me laugh in the way that it did

hol up what

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No because oil is racist towards water

perfectly balanced

Perfectly balanced once again, like oil on top of water

who are you…so wise in the ways of science

I am a humble traveller that comes from forsaken lands… called Brazil

ah, you are from that famous place

(bruh how’d you survive, that place is full of necroposters)

so its the same type of stand of-

ohhh myy gawwddd


Why is this poll multi choice?

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