If poison gas gets the killing blow on a bandit on the bringing attention quest, it does not count

What were you doing before bug occurred: I was trying to clear bandit camps for the quest but every time I tried clearing a camp it didn’t work.

Steps to reproduce: Kill every bandit except 1. Hit the last one with low damage then have the gas kill it while it is at red health.

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):

Pictures/Videos: write here (optional if you don’t have any)

Those logs are fascinating.

well nothing was in the logs when it happened so

just ignore them, they have no idea what Developer console is for

If you leave the poison deal damage for 3 ticks or more, and they die. Assuming that you don’t attack anymore later on, the system won’t know who kill them so that doesn’t count.

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