If this was a story, would you read it?

Here’s the setting of the story:

Long ago, a mysterious man with a bright red scarf roamed through the desert. Although none knew of his origins, he was considered a hero for the courageous things he did. He brought peace to the world without ever giving away his identity. He struck renegades with justice in a single blow, shifted the flow of water in the canals, and even made it rain when the cracks in the ground craved it the most. Wherever problems went, the man in red followed. His contributions were greatly praised and appreciated. But that being said, he wasn’t unstoppable. An ancient creature, Roukon, was summoned from the ancient tombs deep below earth’s crust and shaved the desert in half with just one swing of his claws. Although the man in red was there to fight against him, he failed miserably. Roukon wreaked havoc on the entire desert with ease. The once flourishing piece of history turned into a wasteland within minutes. Having lost his dignity, the man in red vanished without a trace. The townsfolk faced even more unimaginable horrors without the help of a hero to guide them. The desert suffered for many more years to come.

And that’s it… for now. Lemme know what you think.


Intresting story, also idk if you thought of this already, but somebody would probably try to impersonate him at some point

Solid story. Tell me this, can I boop Roukon? If I can then go for the story. If not then I burn this story in the flames of Roukon’s breath.