If you can have two javelins on one guy

Players can probably block but bosses can just be ended if you hit em with multiple different javelins fast enough

A basic combo might be hit em with a water javelin then a lightning on. Paralysis cycle on non bosses. Still does extra dmg to bosses. This is a pretty dickish combo in PVP but the next one is even worse (but way, way harder to pull off against a player)

If you’re feeling extra rude you can hit em with the water javelin, then an ice javelin, and a metal one. If those three are on a person at the same time and in that order it’s over. Soaked, then froze, then shattered, over and over until one of them runs out.

Max out duration for some torture

Currently this takes at least 2 people to do, but 3 mages sticking 3 javelins of that combo onto a target is devastating, especially if they can ultimatel

With a team like this you can take down the execution guard crew of the most wanted person on the board

Unless the javelins go away too quickly or one javelin deletes the other :frowning:

doesn’t paralyze have a CD?

Yea but it’d still suck to have both of the javelins happening while you’re paralyzed. The extra dmg doesn’t have a cool down and I think you can be both soaked and paralyzed

I was going to suggest high rate shadow javelin + light pulsar or something for maximum blindness but this works too

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A basic combo might be hit em with a water javelin then a lightning one

It’s like I was born for this. I already get the Water/Lightning synergy while Paralyzed is on cooldown a bunch, so this won’t hurt much.


Spears of Epilepsy

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i already plan on putting javelin on both ice and snow magic, this might actually be worse than water and ice since it’ll also continuously blind

But I don’t think snow and ice actually freeze together?

ice will freeze snow I do believe. Let me check the wiki.

Yeah using ice magic on someone after water, wind, or snow magic was used on them causes them to become an Ice cube.

actually it’s snow that freezes ice, it’s weird that it doesn’t work the other way around too

well if you stick a snow javelin and an ice javelin into one person they will freeze forever.

explosion and ash javelin:

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have the rest of your squad stack on the other javelin combos while they’re petrified

lightning javelin with tide gel sounds nutty

Let’s go ice magic meta

Sand javelin.

lightning blasts.

maximum trolling.


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Infinite glass making machine

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(they don’t know)

Hello bio/
I got that light + shadow mage build…