If you can throw a forumer (or yourself) into Arcane lore, where do you want them to end up?

I’d make @Level a powerful king

That’s it

but what about mud though

its the best water mutation

Liu living out her dreams of being a mass-murdering inhuman monster :blush:

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probably tag along with the PK as a side character or second protagonist

Torren Crovus Cross

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assuming hades is a forumer…

nope not at all Im just disappointed

Maybe mud too

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didnt expect i got thrown also LOL

Turn RB1 into the peacekeeper and give them a gun

Also get as many banned users (from the forums and in game) as possible and give them the most bullshit OP curses possible, and issue each a boat and a knife, because fuck you.

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Your build arts are mega pog :nod: :poggers2:

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i would :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d make my way to New Greek

Which is why I’m shocked you’re not on any sort of watchlist yet

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i would just throw myself in as the bandit that first attack durza and give him a good slap on the face before i get blasted to oblivion

I shall place myself smack dab in the middle of the Age of the Seven Seas, obtain a Rubber Curse, buy a red banded corduroy hat and become the next Pirate King

don’t attack him at all, ez

tell him to get a job one day

The most peacfull times