If you can throw a forumer (or yourself) into Arcane lore, where do you want them to end up?

yea you can pick other forumers like “throw wax in the lore as a god” or something

you can either shoehorn them in the lore or like “I’M REPLACING DURZA WITH VETEX”

my options would be

  • an oberon citizen during theos vs durza (yes i know i’d die, i pick this one specifically to die)
  • watch cursebeard murder prometheus
  • tag along with averill’s ship when he’s out exploring the world
  • if i can experience the lore from someone’s pov, im taking romulus or a mantle pirate member (i wanna see how trigno interacts with him)
  • recreate whatever happened in Iridescent Lagoon by replacing theos and durza with vetex and tech (any swaps are fine to me)
  • replace one of my good friends with davy jones
  • ill def come up with more options for myself so good luck

please do so infact, that would be quite nice
just what powers would he have



replace durza with myself

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Replace Arcane Hades with Greek Hades, and add a new villain

  • throw BNT into the lore as Morden
  • throw liu into the lore as the Wendigo or one of her elemental beast things
  • kindly toss rake into the lore as some random character with medium-high potential as a mage
  • throw xevant into the lore as Arthur Cursebeard since I think he’s pretty coolio (my lore knowledge is bad so idk how accurate that statement is)
  • throw Cryo into the lore as the writer for any and all news papers
  • throw jubilee into the lore as a shark (idk why)
  • throw LittleShrekSheap into the lore as one of their OCs, any of them, hell they can pick
  • throw myself into the lore as the only user of apocalypse bringer
  • throw Vetex into the lore as a captain of a pirate ship that either has the most insane luck, good or bad depending on the way the wind’s blowing.
  • throw Tech into the lore as Apollo (probably dead but hey whatever)
  • throw Hitbox into the lore as a smith who’s really good at his craft but still has a lot to learn, probably get some good character development or smth
  • throw Broly into the lore as Broly
  • throw SpectreTheFox into the lore as a fox that somehow has magic
  • throw Meta into the lore as an ancient min maxed to fuck old dude who knows everything about magics, weapons, and fighting styles but just sits on a lonely island waiting for something “interesting” to happen
  • throw Phewka into the lore as the most powerful savant

probably will think of more but this is all I got for now :nod:


After a good 20 seconds of thinking, I’ve decided I will rip my arm off and send it alone into arcane. I will do my best to hit Durza with the throw. My arm would probably just be vaporized upon contact with Durza’s body of pure magic energy, but I don’t care since it’d just be so based.

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I throw myself into the lore as a shield main who is the champion of every Fighting tournament.

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I killed Prometheus :sunglasses:

already canon (betex based durza on himself)

throwing myself as prom then I won’t gift magic to humans because they’re all dumbasses

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vetex edge111!!

i would throw myself in as the mud curse user

my boss music would be the funny soviet anthem or something like that

i would throw BNT into embrithas rather than arcane

I Would throw mako into a shark

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throw myself into the lore as chaos… such an easy decision lol…

finna be the Sìfènghuáng

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gonna be a peasant.

easy life.

I’d join trigno crew as a wizard with a water mutation (probably storm)

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