If you could add a spirit weapon into the game, what would it look like and how would you imagine it working?

The forum’s vitality mascot has come around again (me) to ask the commuters of this website about how they would go about designing a spirit weapon!

I personally want some sort of haunted lantern that takes advantage of AoE and summons spirits from the strange light it emits.

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i imagine spirit weapons to be items with some sort of spiritual meaning or value, like prayer beads or lapis in ancient egypt, or shakujo that monks used

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never played or seen

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for some reason I always saw spirit weapons as like summoning in spirits that will do certain moves, like for example calling in argos to do his beast instinct or whirlwind thing before they disappear again.

alternatively, just summon a fucking stand

yeah basically lmao

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The host attack. A spirit warrior enters the mind of the opponent through this attack and takes over completely, having the ability to make the opponent do silly things like blow themselves up with a gunpowder barrel or swim to the bottom of the ocean to drown, all while the victim experiences it but has no self control until the host’s energy bar empties or the victim’s body is out of range from the host’s original body.

I think you should make this a monthly thing at this point, cause this is the 3rd time i’ve seen a vitality weapons idea post

i wouldn’t

i hope it gives debuffs to enemies and/or buffs to self

i just want vitality to be the “support” route ( aka hexer/abjurer )

I want it to be a summoner build
I want to get mad at my summons for not attacking the boss and dying in 5 seconds

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The weapons would have set skills to complete the pattern of two paths with customisable skills (magic, fighting styles) and two with set skills (weapons, vitality).

Their attacks (except m1) drain hp and energy on use, making use of their larger health pool. However, as they kill enemies (or damage significant enemies like bosses and rivals) they absorb energy directly from their soul. Soul energy taken from significant enemies are in small amounts and not permanent damage. The soul energy taken is stored in an extra bar that is used instead of the user’s hp when casting spirit attacks.
Awakenings would be interesting. Warden awakening could be unlocking the ability to steal souls instead of draining hp and that could also be the 2nd awakening for vitality-based hybrid builds. Hybrid builds could get the ability to imbue their hp (or stored soul energy) into their attacks by charging to do even more damage (or it could just work like normal imbue).

This is literally just minecraft dungeons spirit mechanic with extra steps

Call me a weeb but id like Spirit weapons to feel like an extension of your soul or be assisted by a spirit.

Not just another “Solidified magic energy into a sword you swing around”

the reflex of vitality says “Extend the reach of your soul”, so that would mean you CAN block stuff using your soul, why not hold stuff and attack it with?

Plus giant floating weapons sound cool.

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Tidesinger’s staff, Grim’s Scythe or Ria’s spear from Songs of War. All of them look cool especially the scythe and maybe have the user stab themselves and use their blood to power it or smth

This is going to get a bit long so…

Warp Ring (Better Name pending)
Basic Design

A large-ish ring, made of metal, rock, or wood, it doesn’t really matter which. The outer edge should look like it could leave cuts, if possible. As for size, more specifically, it should be big enough that the player character can believably go through the ring, if they crouch just a little bit/lower their head just enough.


By default, when not held at the ready (aka, when just in the hotbar), the ring should not be all that visible. maybe as a sigil on the characters’ back, or just far enough behind the character that it is visible no matter what vanity you have equipped. When you select the ring, it should manifest floating behind the character, not that far above the ground.
The basic attacks (M1) should be a relatively short combo that can, theoretically, be repeated, starting with grabbing the ring briefly, and slashing at the area in front of the character, which is followed by one or two swiping attacks, accompanied by gesturing with the hand/arm used for the first strike. The “end” of the combo would be calling the ring back to the character, where it briefly spins around. This also happens if you just stop clicking after your character lets go of the ring.

Possible Skills

Honestly, most of these are really simple. The most gimmicky part about any of the skills that include throwing, is that the ring (or, in some cases, rings) have to return from some of them. And that there’s a “press the button again to teleport to the ring/a random ring” mechanic.
Essentially, the first, most basic skill, is just a projectile that moves in a straight line. The ring is shrouded in whatever effect you feel like using for Vitality/Lifeforce. Also, if you teleport to that one, the “shroud” briefly expands, similar to a blast exploding, but not quite. The projectile passes through non-wall and/or floor and/or ceiling obstacles, meaning it passes through players while hitting them.
The second skill I’ve thought of, is one more focused on area denial. The character hops backwards, into the ring, which starts glowing, and spiraly outwards along with a number of copies (somewhere between 3 and 5). After the ring and the copies go a certain distance from where the character using this skill was when it was activated, they stop. At this point a player can either wait for the ring and its’ duplicates to return to where they were, or press the button to trigger this skill again, leaving the ring at its’ new location.
While “in” the ring, the character using this has some degree of damage resistance, but is NOT invulnerable. The duplicates should look very similar to the original, but have some level of noticeable difference.
The third skill I thought of is unusual, to say the least. Basically, the character using it stands on their ring or one of several duplicates/a “cloud” made of the original ring an a number of duplicates, and “rides” it around an area. On account of flying abilities being irrationally disliked, this skill is locked to being at most a short distance from the ground, outside of short bursts (to go after people who think they can abuse this time to charge an ultimate art in the air unpunished).

So… yeah, that’s one idea I had. Might also work as a “Magic Weapon”, but I figure it’s exotic enough to be something else.

I imagine spirit weapons looking something like this.
Basically how they would work is you would rip them out of your chest as a part of your soul, dealing damage. On top of this damage, you would also recieve damage from any attacks used by spirit weapons (M1’s that don’t hit wouldn’t deal damage).

For the skills I imagine it being something between magic and weapons. It could apply emotions as status effects for example : I hit you with a spirit weapon and it makes you feel depressed. It could rarely apply the status effect of the magic you picked in the beginning. Even after the awakening (to prove that you use magic unconciously). To not just be weapons with magic status effects, it could also apply magic bursts wich depending on your level, could deal significant damage (for example : you hit your enemy with a spirit weapon and a slight small chance would make a burst of magic. It could deal around 115-ish damage at around lvl 125, without any gear).

Yea that’s about it.

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