If you could be roommates with one character form AO who would it be?

90% of your house is filled with plants and every time you ask him for rent he speed reads a book and hibernates until the next time you bring takeout

Warren literally owns an entire kingdom, hes only homeless because hes travelling

oh damn, didn’t know that Mr Big Bussy.

the MC

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my intentions with him are pure i swear

Wait actually i want the black guy with a gun at sailors lodge. I admire him

No one mentioned kai the commander
Why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

high ranking navy members have their own rooms in silverhold, so you can’t be his roommate

Make sense

break in and brainwash them

nobody is judging you :slight_smile:

Staying with:

  • the homie Kenton, seems responsible enough to pay rent, just a homie in general

  • Neviro: probably pay rent, might steal your food or smth

  • Enizor: 50/50 might go on long old man rants, stingy as hell, still would pay rent and he probably has a cute mini garden. Also would sit around drinking tea all day while reading

Not Staying with:

  • Morden: would blast the edgyest music on planet earth, blast subbed anime late at night

  • Iris: would forget about rent, burn everything to the ground

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Kenton, obviously :eye::lips::eye::ok_hand:

ruby roger and his mate clark silvers
they both look fun to hang out with, i dont even think rubys a pirate captain at all actually so thats nice
and are probably gonna be important later in the story so remind me if they do

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Of course you would pick Kenton

Obviously :+1::sparkles::sparkles:


(I hate having roommates)

Let’s see…

  • Morden has the Death Curse, which would be nice if killing somebody didn’t eradicate the rest of your days in the legal system. At least he can fly, assuming that it allows him to do that, like how the Glass Curse let General Julian tackle us.

  • Iris has Flare Magic, which is the same story but with arson. I also wouldn’t trust somebody described as a ticking time bomb. People getting pissed off is one of my three biggest fears (along with heights and spiders).

  • Neviro probably wouldn’t want anything to do with anybody, which works perfectly for me, but makes for a boring roommate.

  • Warren has both Morden’s murder charges and Iris’ 3 counts of arson, but he seems like he’d have some damn good advice. The same could go for Enizor, minus the flying from his curse.

  • Edward Kenton would probably be the best option, since he’s relaxed and has a sense of justice. Also pretty helpful.

It’s honestly a tie between Edward and Warren for me. Edward’s the most relaxed, but Warren could be the most helpful.


But his grave only take one person