If you could make 1 AO game pass be free for everyone which one would it be and why?

  • Muscles
  • Extra files
  • More ship colours
  • Durable notes
  • Extra vanity slots
  • Inventory loadouts
  • Animation packs (if you pick this all of them will be free)
  • Name change
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Thought this would be a fun question to ask!

I still stand by that having Inventory Loadouts being paid for is extremely dumb. With the dark sea update being out we have so much more gear we can use to make some good sets of gear so having this feature be free for everyone would be awesome. It’s just a bit annoying having to swap between each piece of gear to tweak the set I need especially when theres an awkward pause when you take off a gear or put one on and you need to wait a sec before clicking another one.
I hope that maybe in the future we can at least have 3 loadout slots for free while the others be paid for.

Loadouts should be free ngl it’s dumb asf why it’s behind a paywall


Like all other gamepasses makes sense to me costing robux. Some I have nitpicks with like Name change (I kinda want a way ingame to change without having to pay robux)
But the Loadout slots are a bit ridiculous to me. Such a nice QOL feature locked behind a paywall.

There should be at least two free load outs. I don’t know anybody who wants to pay 600 bones for being able to quickly switch to a full Theurgist set in the far reaches.


while vetex doesn’t let anything monetary be combat-related, that doesn’t stop him from paywalling shit that should be basic features
like ship coloring
seriously how the fuck do people without ship coloring get by


Yea I just keep my ship a basic brown colour as I dont have alot of options really.
Kinda weird that we can cuztomize our ships so much in AO like the sail patterns, figurehead, crew, co captain, captains quarters etc.
Yet we are limited to the colour of our ship unless we pay robux.
I dont mind too much tbh but eh it is what it is.

society if you could buy loadouts by the slot and not by the bulk

Why the fuck so low amount of players voted for more ship colours?

I know someone vaguely asked for a color wheel for player clothes. but was denied since Vetex would have to texture those colors in or so.

But this could work and be applied to ships instead. Have the current colors we have now be base game, and change the gamepass to giving us the color wheel.

They’re already using Roblox Materials, and u can already color them any color from what i can remember.

because it is purely cosmetic
loadouts are a high QoL feature that (when used right) can allow you to *change your build mid fight)…

Because it’s just cosmetic and while the new ship colours look cool its still just cosmetic, Everyone mainly voted for Inventory loadouts because its like the only gamepass thats not cosmetic and is a really useful QOL feature.

Also you do get a few ship colours to work with without buying. With loadouts you cant even have one without buying the gamepass unfortunately

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I want to pick all of these except for “More ship colours” and “Durable notes”,
but because i can only pick 1 i will choose muscles because for some reason npcs can have free muscles but we cant.

I’ll pay for Muscles when I’m dead and buried.

I plan to be cremated, so that’ll be never.

I wanna have the security of switching to my actually good equipment if I get jumped. And also to be able to quickly swap out my high agility gear so I can climb the Jaws for Coppershrooms.


would kinda hope that free players get a bit more options, but there can still be some colors behind paywall. like idk maybe you can have all the color but the shades are behind paywall or smth

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Not even a question. Loadouts are something that would really help especially people with low-end PCs ( like me ) Who have to wait for every goddamn item to load which takes a good while. ( It unironically makes my gameplay stretched our harder than luffy ever could )

my profile picture is my reaction when i saw i needed to buy loadouts

With only white paint, we can make adidas brigs

not like you can even do much with archaic hull brigs? they all look the same regardless of how you color them.

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