If you could make a magic, what would you make?

If you could make a magic, or an evolution or variant of a magic, what would you make? It doesn’t have to be balanced. If you want black hole magic or like, Quark-Gluon Plasma Magic, it doesn’t matter.

cold fire :heart_eyes:
frostburn status effect :scream:

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hot ice :hot_face:
heatbite status effect :cold_face:

The ligma magic


poison fire lightning

poison lightning + blaze + aether lightning + electron

Weather magic, ig not in a typical sense. A magic that literally controls the weather. Want it to rain? You can do that. Want to spawn a tornado? You can also do that. There could also be some other stuff like using rain as bullet-like projectiles or launching a gust of wind at someone/thing would just be nice. I think a magic that utilizes the actual weather would be neat.

Aside from that another magic I would make is Enchantment Magic which’ll basically act like Modes but you get more of them and they’ll likely just last longer. Enchant your teammates, enchant yourself, put curses on enemies to hinder them. Slow them down, cause their health to drain, reverse their movement. Or maybe you can buff your or an alley’s speed or magic damage? It seems like it could double as a really good support magic while also being good for solo players who just want to buff themselves.

Calcium magic
Slightly better version of fire even tho Calcium and fire are the same :trol:

the magic on the durandal

the magic on the ancient cursed daggers

fuck frostwater

amogus magic

doesn’t do any damage at all but attacks have a 0.001% chance to become jerma sus which lags the game so hard it bricks everyone’s computers

c*m magic
what did you think I would say?


Bombs because fuck you

Good art but the shit why the fuck would you give the effort to make a c*m magic drawing?

That is a lost magic type on trello (storm magic)

antimatter magic

1 blast and the whole map dies
creates a shield for you so you dont die in your own attack

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Lag magic

Anytime you use an attack the server crashes

call it lag magic