If you ever feel worthless


i caught one on update day
ggrraaahhhhh i wanted a warrior piece

just sold that shit for 40k and now ima try and get some unsuspecting victims to sell me legendary fish scales for 1k a piece.

And by victims I mean 5th gens with under 100 hours and a very low fish to hour ratio

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what about it?

make more aura potions for more sunkens and sell those sunkens for galleons and use the galleons to buy fish scales and aura potions to make more sunkens to sell for-
alr u get it

nah i was confused on why the helmet is apperantly useless

no one wants it

my ass fiending for it:

Sunken iron set is still the only defence/attack size gear that will be good on this level

it will be obsolete soon since you can’t upgrade it so enjoy it while it lasts


Sunken items can be levelled up to the current max level of the game according to vetex himself, once the level cap increases the max level for all sunkens will increase with it

Get schooled newgen :triumph:


The worst thing is he ain’t a newgen, imagine not knowing every word vetex has ever said …

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ikr crazy

My guy, have you ever bothered to look at the item inside your inventory?

The level bar presents how much you can upgrade an item. For example, a Kai Sabre can be upgraded beyond level 120 but is not possible to be obtained because of current level limitations. Old weapons cannot be upgraded beyond level 50. I’m sure this info is not new to you. The bar for the iron sunken set is almost at its limit, meaning that at some point it won’t be able to be upgraded any further. I haven’t seen the cap for the new sunkens but I’m gonna assume it’s longer than the sunken iron set.

Get schooled newgen :triumph:

Hey, fun fact:

All sunken equipment will be able to be upgraded to whatever the max level is, functionally giving them a max level of 1000. This was on a patch note on the trello. We’ve known that all sunken gear will always be upgradeable to max since release.



This is why items like the Sunken Sword are extremely valuable, because they will ALWAYS be useful no matter what. ALL sunken gear will NEVER be useless

Given the current stats of sunken armor, I’m worried what it’ll be like once the nimbus sea is completed.

dw it’s all “preparation for nimbus sea” it’s totally fine!

I’ve either been fed misinformation or the cap ingame is still not increased

Or I just didn’t bother to follow the patch notes

the cap ingame has not increased once yet

Didn’t fact check :joy: