If you go to Silverhold before sneaking into Fort Talos, you find Iris

Well, I guess maybe before you reach Sailor’s Lodge too, but I saw her right as I was on my way to Argos. Did anyone else know about this🧍🏾

This makes me wonder if we can find Morden before we Sailor’s lodge or something like that


Yeah, its really easy to encounter her if youre doing Edward Kenton’s quest. (I ran into her every time)

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Yes, several months ago

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It’s crazy how I’ve missed her for this long

That’s some crazy attention to details, Vetex is truly a GOAT :sob::pray:


“Did they happen to miss it or something?”

The navy also completely ignoring the jaw pirates:

I don’t think you can, but there is an NPC at Sailor’s lodge, Jay Rogers, that reminds the player of Morden

One more would be Ruby Rogers with Clark Silvers who you first see in Frostmill after defeating Iris, appear in sailor’s lodge as criminals under arrest. Perhaps we may see them more often as the story progresses.

I dont think thats what makes him look familiar, people pointed out that he seems to be a One Piece reference (like Ruby Rogers). He might be Ruby Roger’s son, and MC thought he looked similar to Ruby Roger. We dont particularly know why he looks familiar

Well, I think I got pretty solid grounds to assume he reminds us of Morden

I mean, just look at this
Same hair, same skin color, same facial expression, same EVERYTHING

Hmm, yeah thats true

morden = jay rogers = ruby rogers???

taiwan greece israel!!!