If you had to live in an AO town, what or where would it be?

  • Redwake
  • Frostmill
  • Cirrus Island
  • Palo Town
  • Shell Island
  • Ravenna/Rubica
  • Somewhere Else (lol)

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note: you’re a normal npc i guess

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Shell Island is pretty damn relaxing

fr, i also might want to live in cirrus but what if someone pushes me off


I ain’t setting foot in Ravenna or Navy territory

I love palo town, it’s my favourite island/town

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Constant executions:

Whitesummit or Frostmill, i like winter

Palo town would be kind of fun to live in.

i would say frostmill, but they probably don’t have a lot of resources since they’re just an ice island, so i’d choose cirrus since it’s also pretty cold

I’d live in Ravenna, definitely not in Tiberia, I’d live in Rubica or Rasna, but considering the incoming war, I’m living in Palo town, seems safe being protected by the navy and all

Shell Island because palm tree. Also I’d change my name to something more Polynesian, just to fit in a bit more. It would be weird to have a former samurai living among you.

I like Redwake because most powerful people don’t go up there except to sell/buy cargo.

and it has a cool king ruling us along with a simple life of just fishng.

Redwake seems pretty safe considering the only troublemakers are a few weak spire bandits, also it just feels safe since your right in the middle of the jaws, and its got that calm tribal village vibe like shell island

Pablo town is cool and all till a fucking tsunami destroys everything :skull:

I mean, Palo town is literally three feet above sea level—the second a particularly large wave comes in, the entire town gets soaked. Ravenna has its problems, most notably the impending war. The rest of the options aren’t bad, though I hate heights, so Cirrus would suck for me.

I’d say Shell, it’s not involved in any conflicts, well above sea level, and bigger than many of the other options. My only concern would be that with the coming war, it may be seen as a “jump point” for any kingdom opposed to Ravenna, as the island would make for a good place to build a fortress.

Shell Island is owned by Ravenna did you forget? That means it will be fighting on Ravenna’s side in the upcoming war.

Not surprised that most people chose Shell Island, that island’s built different when it’s the only island where it feels safe and relaxing with the music

Either Cirrus or Shell. Both are extremely peaceful and evil players hardly ever visit the two just to cause trouble. Frostmill is good too, if you ignore the lore.

Yeah, but as long as you aren’t a man and aren’t old enough to get drafted you’ll be fine.

Since I’m 13 I won’t be getting drafted anytime soon, and also Ravenna literally just had their old king killed, and I’m sure King Revon is going to need some time to… well, think.

wheres the option for tiberia