If you think that ao should win the rewards then come here and rant

blox fruit’s version really isn’t that big. it’s mostly just a bunch of randomly spawning rocks (the assets are used for a bunch of other islands) and sometimes a few small islands with a few chests (which can probably be put together in like an hour at most)

I think that the devs did just copy the idea for the dark sea a few months before the release of the dark sea update.
besides, there’s literally an npc which calls the ‘danger sea’ The Dark Sea according to the wiki.

(then there’s the part where one of the owners seemingly had beef with vetex at some point, since he has several games favourited called ‘vetexgames rekt by robotmega’ (their previous username) and more along those lines, but those games were created 8-9 years ago, so idk)

anyways, bloxfruits is a bad, unoriginal cashgrab game and the devs lie and make a lot of empty promises.

(that’s ignoring the fact that the game has literal 0 balance)

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Perfectly said. And also yeah bro I played block takes that game is amazing how is it also not in innovation rewards. The point is that bLoX fruits isn’t innovative does t even fit in like half of its categories and yeah. So I’m pissed when I see a bad game like bLoX fruits get picked over games like arcane odyssey deepwoken and blocktales. and I know we hate type shit (soul) but even that game is better for kots of these explore and fighting categories then shit like bLoX fruits


this game should win new experience

NAH bruh why omg :cry:

AO should definitely not have won the rewards :rofl:
maybe a place on it but its not nearly as popular or finished as any of the other games
while i do agree blob fucks is shit it still is a finished game
tbh i think that deepwoken should have won, and it probably would have if it was more beginner friendly and no robux

Yeah deepwoken winning is reasonable. Its just on some of these lists some games dont even on my opinion deserve to be on it. Like there not even suppose to be in the section. There not innovative. Its not like a good game. (aka blox fruits) and while ao may not be a finished game it is a innovative game and on my opinion it shouldnt be popularity contest it should be a innovation contest . Either deepwoken arcane odyssey, or block tales should of won the rpg section in innovation rewards because there like the only games that even innovate so yeah.

when AO actually has more content then i could see it in the innovation awards but certainly not now

this ^