If you think that ao should win the rewards then come here and rant

AO should of won the innovation rewards


This is the weirdest way to get likes ive ever seen


Also wouldn’t this go in off topic or smth instead of pvp

bro desperate for them reactions :sob::pray:

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My bad didnt know. just dislike seeing all these trash games win awards and not ao.

I feel like it should have been given a spot inside of “best rpg” instead of bl#x fruits

Didn’t blob fruits take the dark sea and just clone it

“Innovation” my fucking ass

They cloned dark sea???

I remember hearing that they did

what the fuck if blox fruit actually did that

also yeah ngl arcane odyssey has tons of innovation. like for example dark sea

idk why people care so much about this, the most popular game will win always, AO is not nearly as popular as any of the games featured

Added to blox fruits in its update on October 21st, 2023. The Dark sea update released October 6th, 223

Bro what the hell. I hate bLoX fruits even more


You can hate Blox Fruits for the gameplay but I don’t see why you should hate it because it copied the Dark Sea. I’d argue this is actually a good thing because this is what healthy competition should promote.

When Rell Seas comes out Vetex should copy as many features that could fit into AO as he can which would make AO a better game.

I don’t see why the people who work on Blox Fruits adapting good features into their game means anything negative. It’s like how the Rell fanboys were screaming about Blox Fruits making the player tied to their ship after Rell did it.

Like bruh why do they care it’s like they only want their 1 game to come out on top.

personally, that’s not my major issue with blox fruits. i agree that healthy competition leads to greater games, but i think that, just in general, Blox Fruits is a bad game.

it’s not well designed with no story whatsoever, is a major cashgrab with lots of pay to win, and also very uncommunicative with their community (hardly any leaks on an update that was meant to be released around 7 months ago, with leaks being promised only AFTER they win IA.)

furthermore (although not the dev’s fault), a very toxic community on top of that.

i also don’t think Blox Fruits fits whatsoever in the RPG category cause it doesn’t feel… explorative? exploration is hardly a point in the game, unlike things like Deepwoken or AO, where exploration is a major feature.

i think they probably had it in development prior to Dark Sea even being announced, because making a massive mechanic like that only around 15 days after is pretty impossible (although DS was announced a couple months prior tbf)

how is Sol’s RNG on here over Blox Tales :sob:

Roblox: “There are over 500 thousand Blox Fucks kids, we must give it the win or they’ll storm HQ.”

Blox Fucks kids anyway: “bLoCK FroOt SHouLd bE onLY GAme iN tHe AwARdS, kiLl rOBleS!!!” (They need to get off gamer Robot’s meat before it gets crushed under their weight).

It wouldn’t let me quote it but this is so true, I’ve been playing the Dark Sea update since before the medieval times