If your MC have their own custom weapon what would it be and how would you want it to be?

An explosion magic cannon that vomits out horrible unstable magic projectiles that explode and cause chain reactions with the magic energy around it causing it to also explode.

This weapon’s explosions would leave behind invisible dangerous AOE clouds that not only damage players caught in it but also drains their magic energy and stamina.

a crossbow bigger than the character

frying pan

In short a mini ballista

For my explosion magic I would choose a blindingly loud explosion - something like the volcano of Krakatoa but not as op lolo. It wouldn’t necessarily do all that much damage but it’d make your screen go black for sometime and you’d hear a loud beeping sound.

For the Monster Thigh fighting style a ground-shaking slam would be cool. But I guess that’d be too similar to the Rush move.

As for weapons - a grappling hook.

File: Ace Grey, Conjurer

Chromatic Convergence

  • Type: Arcanium multi-weapon
  • A black weapon handle in its unequipped form. Its other forms are mostly black with markings and parts that glow white or the imbuement colour. These glow parts also decrease the intenisty of imbuement particles.
  • This weapon takes all the remaining empty weapon slots upon equipping it from the inventory.
  • Instead of a unique attack, this weapon has a new secondary skill like spell binding and imbuement called weapon shift:
    • Tapping its key shifts the weapon to a random type (rapier, sword, etc.), allowing the usage of all weapon skills from that type. This also makes every other slot with this weapon equipped have random weapons too, indicated by their icons changing. This is also used the first time the weapon is equipped from the hotbar, and the weapon type is stored, even while unequipped, until death.
    • Holding the key brings up a menu similar to the imbuement menu to specifically choose a weapon. This only affects the equipped slot.

Giant Banana

Q: Raging impact
E: Brutal rush

For my friend whos obsessed with bananas

Also cannonballs spaced like oranges, because cannonfist :)))

Equinox dual daggers

holy shit illumina and darkheart

Moonlight great sword but fire. I just need to hide the fact i put points in DEX

Olympian Thunderspear
An ornate, ancient spear made out of ancient arcanium and gold, seemingly originating from the ruins of the fallen Mount Olympus. Enchanted with what presumed to be Zeus’s Grand Lightning, the spear would be able to strike down the toughest of opponents with ease.

All attacks applies paralyze if removes 30% hp/paired with soak.

Spear Throw - Throw the weapon with alot of force, causing it to fly like a lightning bolt and strike down the target.
Impaling Strike - Leap at the target before impaling them and electrocuting them, dealing lot of damage.
Lightning Thrust - Use a burst of speed to leap forwards as you brutally stab anyone in your path. (flash strike/mirrored river)
Zeus’s Blessing - Call upon deep inside the spear, causing it to bless and aid you in battle with Zeus’s Grand Lightning. (aura/focus)
Ultimate Art: Olympian Wrath - Fill the spear with all your energy and raise it, summoning 3 massive lightning strikes, dealing huge damage. (placed pillar explosion but cooler)

an axe but with two heads so my axe throw can come back to me like a boomerang

I want either an overpowered shovel or the Z-saber

The Patriot’s Trench Digger


“It’s a shovel, perhaps one from a time different to ours. Holding it compels you to swing it at people and gives you the irrational urge to teleport bread.” – Item Description

Weapon Grade - AMERICAN

Weapon Type - Cutlass but you can dig with it (Strength Weapon)

Slash - Swing 3 times, last hit being a violent backhand swipe.

Operation Soaring Eagle - Throw the weapon towards the cursor. Creates a massive explosion where it lands.

Trench Dig - Thrust the weapon into the ground and pull upwards, sending 5 pieces of massive debris flying in a cone in front of the user.

Hippie Haircutting - Sheathe the weapon and detonate an explosive at your feet that damages you and rockets you forwards and can damage nearby enemies. If you make contact with the enemy, hit them with a barrage of punches before knocking them away with a final uppercut with an eagle screech in the background.

Bequest - Let out a fearsome roar, damaging and knocking away nearby enemies and puts you into a state similar to Focus or Aura. Bequest is unique as it increases the stat buff the more lower your HP is, being able to do up to 3x more damage at critical HP. The explosive drawback of your other moves are used to buff the effectiveness of this move, and they can’t outright kill you, leaving you only at least at 1%.

Ultimate Art: Market Gardening - Detonate an explosive at your feet, damaging you and sending you flying skywards. Then enter a stance with the weapon before screaming and dashing towards the enemy with a vicious backhand swipe with the weapon. Deals the most single damage out of any attack in the game, but is sluggish and telegraphed, easily dodged. Can’t be parried though.



The Zeroth Law

“It’s a handle. Oddly enough, despite not being from this timeline and not abiding by natural laws, It seems to be able to exert both magic and raw strength into a thin energy blade that can cleave through almost any material.”

Weapon Grade - Shining

Weapon Type - Katana (Magic-conducting, Fighting style-conducting, Normal, all in one)

Slash - Swing 3 times, last one being a strong overhead slash that stuns the opponent very briefly allowing for a link. The first slash is always going to be a single blade of energy that shoots towards the cursor. Recharges every 5 seconds.

Tenretsujin (Split Heavens) - Perform a Rising Slash, leaping upwards while doing an uppercutting slash, damaging anything nearby with a notably large hitbox, your blade either blazing with magic or engulfed in a fire-like energy.

Buraitotsu (Thunder Stab) - Perform a forwards thrust with the weapon, rapidly damaging everything in front of you while performing the thrust. Regardless of class, your sword will crackle with magic or electric-like energy.

Shin Messenkou (True Destroying Glint) - Sheathe your weapon before slamming the ground with your fist, or if used in the air, descend rapidly and slam the ground with your fist. Upon slamming, creates a massive shockwave in the ground as several magic or raw strength blasts rocket out of the cracked ground. Both the shockwave and the blasts deal damage.

Sougenmu (Twin Dream) - Twirl with your blade. Upon finishing, create a light clone that accurately follows your every movement and mimics your attacks after a 0.5s delay behind your actual movements, effectively doubling your damage. Is not restricted to this weapon and lingers while using other weapon/magic/fighting style slots. The effects last for 8 seconds

Ultimate Art: Ittoryoudan: Genmurei (Single Stroke Bisection: Phantasm) - Jump upwards and spin sideways in the air with your blade out, before slashing with the blade, sending out an absolutely gigantic sword slash forwards towards the cursor. Is an instant kill if the opponent is another player and they are underneath 10% HP.

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Savant weapon