(ignore i was dumb..) auctions

(when i made this i decided to not check if auctions were a thing yet…)

so how many auctions have you done in-game in AO (if any)
How useful do you think they are if youve tried them? personally i havent done any even after nearly a year at this point, and i randomly remembered they existed today


just looked at the wiki… are these even in the game i forgot…

Auction House/Market place isn’t a thing in game yet.

And it’s up in the air in when it’ll be arriving.

let this be a lesson to check in-game before you ask something

we got a time traveler from the year 2042 over here


Yo time traveler, can you leak the future meta?

high resistance and regen + charging all your attacks

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“Sorry, I’m not quite ready for customers yet…”