Ignoring someone doesn't work

It says that ignoring someone will make it so you don’t get notifications related to them and their posts are hidden. I ignored someone recently but I can still see their posts for some reason.

If I ignore you, your posts are replaced with this:

Is this what you’re seeing?

I just assumed it completely hid posts. So I’m still forced to see Tobi’s “art” posts?

It’s a blessing on Earth you get to see that epic art! :pray:

honestly it should.
if i block someone i don’t want to be reminded of their existence or ever get the temptation to unblock them and see whatever bullshit they’re spewing.

tobi wasn’t even the one who drew that btw

There’s lots of good artists out there besides Tobi. In the end though, comes down to preference if you want to see it or not.

ayo what happened im curious

image he literally says someone else drew it in the post