I'm 18 years old now lol

If there were a clothing set for Beyond The Grave (Brandon Heat) from Gungrave, I would also cosplay as him.

Thanks for the render mate, I really appreciate you go extra miles for a congratulation birthday post.

I cannot say much on who to vote, as I avoid Indonesia politic quite a lot due to how much corruption is going on.

As for plan for future, I’m preparing myself to get accepted to animation college, so I can get myself a job at creative work.

To protect is making their well being more important than my own, and I’ll do my best on that even if society start to against me.

Society don’t care where you came from. They mostly want the material so they can live for tomorrow and sacrificing their well being to protect what they love/have.

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hap birth other indonesian person
so uh

technically indonesian people can vote starting from the age of 17
but this is significant since we have another election happening next year
from what i recall the candidates are one of the former president’s kids and the dude who ran last year and lost
again, like was said, Indonesian government is corrupt as shit i’ll probably vote for the same dude that my parents are voting for cause i don’t really give a shit and because i’m planning on studying abroad anyways once i’m done with school

also, what colleges have caught your eye?
are you looking for a college revolving around the specific subject or a university that has it as a course?

thought the cake said 78 years old

happy birthday

I plan to apply for ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia) or Indonesia Art Institute in the animation field.

I’m currently learning to do more 3D modeling as well as animation to get accepted there.

18? You know what that means…



What things?

fun things

Yes, I can play M-rated games without issue now.

and if you talk about the other “fun” thing, I’m Ace.

Yeah I meant the M-rated games. GTA here you come.

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Damn bro, took you long enough, a whole 18 years to be exact. :fr:
(I have personal beef with the rest of the world for using Day/Month/Year)

I thought the cake said 78 for a second and got momentarily worried. Anyways, happy existence anniversary!

Happy Birthday

I waited for so long to send this to someone I’m so sorry you had to be the victim…

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Goofy ahh Fruitiger Metro Justin Bieber hate era image.

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Hapy bday!!!

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Happy tax paying!

(But for real happy birthday)