I'm 18 years old now lol

Yeah, guys, you read it correctly. I’m officially turning 18 now.

It’s been truly an Arcane Odyssey. and thanks for the support and love ya’ll have given to me and made me feel accepted in this community.

Personal render after almost two year of not making one lol.


welcome to the teenage-early adulthood risk area (you are risking your sanity for college/uni/low-pay work)

now grow a beard

Change your bio

He’s now your typical 18-year-old from Indonesia who primarily 3D models using Blender

Congrats! It’s your 18th birthday!


I cannot due to my dad not being able to grow one, but I can grow a mustache.

and Yeah, I’m now a typical 18 year old from Indonesia.

My parents don’t allow me to get a job unless I get into college. so not today.

ok that’s way cooler

Ight. Understandable. Hope you find the right collage then.

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happy birthday!

Pin on The Dankest of Memes

why the candles facing us?

Because I’m turning 81.

Congrats, you can now vote.

… yay?

happy birthdays :partying_face:

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Idk, let’s see what I can vote.

Happy 18th birthday bluemin!

Aieeee, love the Wolfwood cosplay! >:D
It’s always great to see a fellow enjoyer of a niche anime / manga that you follow. I’m very hyped for season 2 of the new adaptation which I just can’t wait to watch.
Anyways, you’ve done a lot for many other forummer’s birthdays on this forums so it’s only fair you get a render as well! Hope you enjoy :D!


You’ve turned 18? That’s great to hear! Happy Birthday! :birthday:

So who are you voting for? What are your plans for the future? How do you cope with being a failure? Do you think that your existence is futile and that nothing you do will matter in life and that society and everyone is trying to go against you and everything or anything you stand for solely due to vain and unreasonable expectations?

Anyways, happy birthday and congratulations!

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