I'm afraid of level 5000 PvP

At that point, moves will likely have MASSIVE radius and invalidate dodging. I’m afraid PvP will turn into a no skill/all stat environment.


There will be skill.

E.g using vastira move at the right time to block a huge blast attack.

I’m scared about how shields are prob gonna insta break

I wonder if my lower end pc can even handle lvl 5000 combat just imagine the lag


RIP our PC’s. When that day comes the continent will be razed…


I’m positive Vastira has a level cap of 200 so at level 5000 our blast would get through


We’ll have magic shields

Idk. everything expect power, magic power and health will probaly cap at 2x.

I believe there is a cap on the size of spells, however the important thing is that movement speed will be much easier to get in large quantities without dedicating an entire build to it at lvl 5k. That combined with dodging, magical mobility, and magical countering, would mean it probably isn’t as bad as you think. Unless you’re like a lower level fighting a level 5k…but then what were you expecting LOL

The magic shields might break too D:

I feel like magic shields will work with clash rates

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This is gonna be certified cancer

Maybe if it turns out like AA. Y’know, maximum tiers and stuff and not just freestyle scaling with the level. AA pvp was pretty balanced on the aoe and stuff.

Just imagine two Greek Gods fighting and you probably have an idea of what level 5000 PvP looks like

And again as the level scales if there is a maximum tier you would be focusing on using the stats on your second or third magics

ive heard that magic size caps out at level 850, but im not sure if that includes the stat, so its not like our attacks will keep scaling forever and be the size of ironport with no sacrifices

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don’t be scared. As a developer vetex is surely going to make sure that’s not the case. There are going to be ample counters for moves and I highly doubt there are going to be massive AOE attacks aside from maybe ultimate abilities.

There will be a massive AOE it is going to be amazing and not to mention a level 5k avarage health with no armor will be about 10k - 15k no armor or 7k but it is going too be high

he got 3.2k health no armor and the aoe is big (if your using ultimate art)

im almost certain shields would get a higher durability in the future

level 5k health with no armor will be about 30,000 unless vetex changes up how health is calculated, but I doubt that’ll happen.