Im back from my mute

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I thought you anon’d yourself intentionally

well… regardless of what happened… how’s it been?

i did, it wasnt actually a ban

been good :blush:

why’d you disappear?

wanted to move on from the game for a while

ah I see

well, glad you’re back, you remember me at least right?

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Yes I remember you but my memories of some people are kind of blurred together now

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welcome back lol

(you remember anyone else?)

Yeah I remember probably most people that were regulars when I was

~13/48 people online right now that I recognize

Welcome back , blessed AO moments thread creator :fr:

I am too young in the forums to know who you are

I don’t even remember what threads I created anymore :fr:

hello random

oh cool, you’re back

world’s greatest rb1 alt

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