I'm being taunted by this game

Here I hold an artefact of once unspeakable value, soon to be a mere trinket
I’d try and trade it for frozen silver pauldrons, but those’ll be meh next patch so I’ll just cling onto it and see if I can work it into one of my magic hybrid slots’ build

Surprisingly plasma has not been mentioned in the new arcanium items lists so your guess is as good as mine for what could be in it

But likely size and intensity

This is a warrior file, so I’d be moving it over to a different file regardless
Currently have an ice and a light slot, will probably give it to the light slot so it can make up for half its attack speed and free up other accessory slots for agility or power or whatever
intensity :nauseated_face:

is the drip good?

Plasma isn’t a size magic, maybe atk speed.