Im boutta start a new file

what class should I be going for? and if applicable, what magic/fightingstyle? I’d also like some tips on some crafted weapons. would really help a lot, thanks <3

I wanna also buy a girlfriend (female, optional) who’ll play with me for at least 11 or so hours, must talk back to me, no dry messsages like “ok” or “yeah” and make a new with me and also join on their stronger files when I need help fighting a boss.
I offer an entire sunken set (chestplate, leggings and helmet) but also willing to offer other stuff for it

You better tell me this is bait lil bro.

you cant buy one
you rent one

Rent a girlfriend from the (s)hit series Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Bro what :skull:

Ignoring the last part, you should deffo go paladin with whatever magic you want (as long as ita not solid ir will look good) and then decide if blue/yellow would fit better or purple/red for your magics coloues

The game doesn’t have crafted weapons, unless you mean weapons customized with skill notes

vetex need to release the update fr or we get stuff like this

Dating standards really are ridiculous these days…

11 hours is crazy this better be bait bro :sob:

Copycat… :sob::pray::wolf:

ok buddy I got a guide for you:

have fun :smiling_imp:

ur weird

i may be a guy but i can still be your honey :kissing_heart: