Im confused

An castaway gave me this. The castaway was level 6. He gave me a whole ass shark like how???


yea, they crazy

bitches wont swim to the nearest port but can wrestle sharks and then give them away like its a small guppy


Bro they are powerful curse users that can defeat the final boss of Arcane Odyssey and they can still some how swim

When you were level 6 you could fish a shark as big as this

They have to be lost mages from Winterveil to do this crazy shit, hell that would probably explain their immense fear of Ravenna lmao.


the problem with dropping castaways off at ravenna is that the entire island counts, not the towns
the docks fuck with their ai

I swear Vetex completely fucked their loot tables. If they could give sunkens, the entire ass economy would not exist.

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What about seasonals tho?

cant wait for next easter where the fucking castaways have a 1/100k chance of giving their egg

Has anybody actually checked the loot table though? Just wondering.

Saving a Castaway gives you a random fish.

…just any random fish, right?

I know but I swear there’s something about them. Not complaining though, free busted fish.

Castaway Logic:

Somehow gets stranded out at sea
Refuses to swim to nearest island(I swear some of these castaways are like right next to an island)
Materializes a fishing rod somehow
Captures behemoth like fish(a castaway gave me a colossal squid once)

Yoo castaway lore?(real)