Im desperate (complete)

I need mummy torso wrappings
i only have vastira and mino helm
im willing to offer both or just one of them for wrappings-

You’re gonna need more than that because mino helm is the worse boss drop value there is (Minotaur has lower values) and AO destroyed boss drop value. You need like maybe 10 boss drops for one seasonal now. Just following xevenant value for it and kinda makes sense for me

and again traders correct me if I am wrong : D

i got what i wanted.

Gg :muscle:

frfr :muscle:

So my 90 seasonals is worth 900 boss drops?

is 10,000 headless heads worth 35,000 Strong Sunken Swords?


yes, same answer for question above that just cause large numbers which nobody has total doesnt mean its not worth

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