Im doing a final wom moments vid, what music should be behind it?

  • wom title screen
  • summer hold theme
  • that one minecraft one everyone uses
  • ashen volcano
  • other (send the music in replies)

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note that it should be music that seems sad

Castilian Shore Music

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club penguin music do it no balls :smiling_imp:



It may be kinda stupid, but Goodbye To A World instrumental is kinda good
Big yes

only if enough people say the same one

society :pensive:

Correction :nerd:
This music is NOT from club penguin and is actually from pokemon black and white!

Also this is pretty good

It will always be the club penguin death music in my heart :heart:

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btw, in order for your ‘other’ music to be considered, the same one has to be posted at least 2 other times.

ao title screen theme

this is the minecraft one

or the original if this doesnt fit

For me either


Or this

I know 2 are just remixes of each other but still



this is the saddest music i have ever heard