Im Dr.Stein! An explosion magic user

Im an explosion magic user and I picked it so I could help people out of jail, break cover to fight, and overall, I think its a fun magic!

do you have any relations to doctor frankenstein

Only that I like soul eater too much

are you also megumin simp

No hahah

crisppy is a explosion user and is basically the biggest simp ever when it comes to megumin


oh also they’re suncry
suncry isn’t toxic it’s just full of weirdos
aka jason

okay lol

welcome to Arcane Adventures part 2: water magic spam

mmm Soul Eater was the shit



I never finished Soul Eater but Medusa always made me feel weird


do you have
doctorate degree

helo explosion user
am explosion user too

do you like rocks?

Soul Menace

i do B)