I'm Going To Have A Lack Of Grass Now Aren't I?

I’m now a Regular, guess I got a goal complete now or something


Yeah. we’re buddies


What are the chances we got regular less than 3 minutes apart?

probably pretty high considering I’d guess that they’re manually granted things?

true. I don’t know how it works.

Guess it is likely manual

Welcome to the group

Nah the system grants it automatically, it probably does do them all at once though since you both got it right after midnight est

Who the fuck would make this a manual system?


If anyone where to make something like this a manual system then they must be some sadistic psychopath, bordering between human and not. This is an easily automated process, just checking if certain stats meet certain values.

okay talking too much about this

no way

how did this happen
how did you get regular before me

Welcome to the club

Say by to the grass.

one of the requirements is checking the forums at least 50 days out of 100

Do you sleep anymore

I just did

I also got Regular before you :sunglasses:

your rights to touch grass have already been revoked the moment you made a forum account

i got regular before you joined >:)

funny thing is. I just mowed my lawn.

DAMN IT BROstrong text