I'm here to talk about the past hour

The last hour was fun.

I talked about ethics then it turned into politics so we had to shut it down due to server rules.

I then asked for free likes and people didn’t liked that so they yelled at me. (Still got 5 likes tho heheheh)

I then dated this burgr guy! Really great guy until he broke up with me!

I then drew a sun to apologize for asking for likes. Which then got less views and less likes from my other post. So if you want likes just ask for them cause that seemed to work better. . .

I then saw femtex and I am thinking on asking her out on a date :flushed: (Pray for me)

Other then that I am about to go to bed so I hope yall have a goodnight! Even the people that yelled at me.

(15 charcaters)

ok necromancer the romancer dont really care but if you provide coin i might care but in the end probably not