I'm one of the worst inquisition players and could still beat you

I am one of the worst inquisition pvpers aside from geo. I am weak in comparison to senter, and an ant to even the Noble. But I am still stronger than most y’all outside of Noble. I will clap you with my sand magic bro. I even use sand and I’m better bro. L


Chinchillin’ sunglass

Preach, brother. Chinchillin’ sunglass

Chinchillin’ sunglass

i guess that’s pog?
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Chin image

Bro let me go get BFTyrant here, he’s going to have a seizure and fucking die when he sees all these “noble winnin” posts

Im in fucking TEARS :frcryin:

harsh but fair

I can’t tell wether this is a joke or not with my 5 brain cells but i’ll drink to that

poggers :pray: :frsleepin:

Chinchillin’ sunglass

Chinchillin’ sunglass

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