I'm putting out a bounty

I’m looking for V0idDweller, also known as Bernard.
If you see them in game, please contact me and I will give you one of each American seasonal.
Your move.


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why you can just warp to them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh right that thing exists

I ended up killing him before you did this lol. I recognize the username

because you dont instantly know when they’re online, i guess you can stalk their profile but why

ive seen this guy before
anyways heres my issue with this

  • how are we supposed to contact you
  • you wont be online all the time. what if they are playing while you are busy / asleep
  • just keep watch of their roblox account to see when they are playing.
    or, do what i do, and stalk their discord account and see when discord picks them up playing roblox. sometimes this doesnt work though
  • american seasonal bad ive seen people offer sunkens :yawning_face:

pro ganker wtffff

misinput ganked too many kids already

also since when is putting kos notices in marketplace allowed

I mean it’s technically a trade

Bruh this about to become an entire anime plot of people hiring stalkers/hit man’s and this is the second part.

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