I'm scared help

I put @ Vetex. Is he gonna hunt me down?

probably lmao

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You’ve done that to yourself, now cower in fear.

did you actually ping him?

if you did…

omae wa mou shindeiru you are already, (you already know that)

good luck

go in the witness protection program before it’s too late

there is no protection program in ba sing se-


I swear if this is another alt account bro…and trying to take MY title? Smh

I mean we already know it’s an alt, both the roblox account on their profile and the forum account were created 2 days ago
…which is dumb considering you don’t even need to link a roblox account to begin with but anyway

b-b-b-bruh moment

So there is an impostor Among Us? Trying to take the throne of the Universe?

I’ve let the alt accounts rise and fall, like Fragile and thatoneartist

But THIS? They’ve gone too far…

Here we are safe, here we are free

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we have invited you to lake laogai