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So it was revealed that Nero had the LITERAL APOCALYPSE BRINGER CURSE. And sometime down the line, Akursius Keep was ravaged by Chaos.

It should’ve been obvious. The point of the APOCALYPSE BRINGER is to bring destruction. Literally what happened to Winterveil/Akursius Keep. It had nothing to do with any evils that might’ve happened at Akursius Keep. it was akin to the powers of the curse. I dunno how I just realized this :sob:

@ThatOneGuy i’ll help you kill him. Let’s grab the devourers.

i know who is Chaos but can you tell me who is Nero and “Apocalypse Bringer”?

Nero is the original king of Ravenna and he had the Apocalypse Bringer sea curse, we don’t know anything about it other than that it was passed down to his son and grandson (Calvus) and it was used to destroy Winterveil, which is the now abandoned Akursius Keep

Death Curse has left the chat

I mean yeah of course the apocalypse curse would destroy for the sake of destruction

also its been renamed to apocalypse instead of apocalypse bringer

Thanks for explaining it

I need to write another apoc bringer poem

Nero = The Prophet??? Confirmed?

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