I'm so frikkin confused

(This topic really isn’t something important, I’m really just asking everyone else for help because I’m too stupid to understand)

Alright so I’m really confused about the whole second and third mind/magic thing. I’ve read some other related topics about it to try and catch up but in the end it just confused me more. I understand that you get your second and third magics through the story-line but like, I saw someone say something about picking the same magic (for example fire) for their 2nd and 3rds. This really confused me because I started thinking, “What would be the point in that, would it just increase the power of your first mind further or is it even a possibility to do in the first place?”.

Again this topic was just made for people like me who don’t understand anything and are completely lost. I hope someone can help my smol brain and also enlighten others who might have a smol brain like me.

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I understand. A great example of the “multiple minds, same magic” would be Theos, the war phoenix. He only stuck to fire magic when having others available. I agree it’s confusing as heckers.

It will likely be possible, but you just get another set of slots for moves, just a bit weaker.

But didnt theos get phoenix magic?

Yeah, but in AA phoenix was a mutation of fire. He mutated one of his fires, probably first mind, into phoenix.

I thought mutating magic wasnt gonna be a thing in WOM because phoenix magic is a lost magic now.

It won’t, but that is how Theos got phoenix back then.

Wait so then what is the point in getting the same magic over and over??!

mutating won’t be part of the game,
which is why you won’t be able to get the same magic multiple times

it was possible in arcane adventures because mutations were planned

I think it might be possible.

Yes, it might be the stupidest possible move to pick three of the same magics, but you can also become the biggest alpha chad and roam the world as a triple wood wizard.

idk I guess we will have to wait until 2nds/3rds are out to be completely sure.

(Triple wood lol?)

So cannonly (well at least in Sheep’s comic) your 2nd and 3rd magic’s are based off of your personality/what type of person you are. Though in the game you just choose what magic you get because… tbh random magic would SUCKKKK. Theos just got fire because thats how it is i guess idk dude

this is totally based off of sheep’s comic btw idk if its even cannon

Theos: Oh boy I can’t wait to open my second mind and get a new magic.
Wait, what do you mean it’s fire. I already have fire. I use fire. This is useless!


he had the phoenix curse, solar magic and fire magic

Phoenix isn’t and wasn’t a curse…?

oh it’s not? I thought what he had was a curse lol maybe I read something wrong in the lore

So it’s all fire?

always has been :fr:

always has been :fr: