I'm so special

i’m the only forumer with a guy named andronico all of you are weak

Quantavious Bingleton in sailors lodge:

guys help how do i make it the thumbnail i’m sorry for calling you weak please

Look, I’m the only person on the forum with a file named Arcadia and you don’t see me bragging bout it

I’d advise you raise your already shitty self esteem in some other way.

Lord have mercy because you have encouraged me to do something and now i feel tempted…

Creates a file with the name Andronico out of pettiness

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Someone’s going to make one out of spite :slight_smile:

DO IT. you’ll never be him.

step the fck back im the only person here with a character named Melissa, you aint special kid

joke aside im suprise theres no one here with a character named Melissa tbh, feels like a decently common name… maybe that why no one want it?