I'm thinking about making a guild

The guild will be about making and selling foods/potions. Do you think people will join?

yea thats all :>

wom is dead so all youll get is random 8yr olds who still play

I mean after the revamp

maybe get some randoms but you and your guild arent super big so i doubt it
but who knows

Thanks for the info

WoM is dead and guilds are being deleted on release so just wait until AO comes back and make it an AO guild.

if you know how to effectively recruit then yeah its guaranteed people will join, i suggest just inviting friends & acquaintances first if you’re gonna start a clan in ao, arguably the easiest way to gain a few members at the get go

best way to get members is getting several loyal members, even if they’re bad at pvp, and just build up from there. (this is why poogo’s guild still has members) (sorry)

by several loyal members i mean that in comparison to just like 3 guys who are good at pvp but aren’t loyal

but if you believe hard enough

Answer: no I don’t think people will join

Why: because I can make food/potions and can do the same exact thing without being in the guild

Why 2: selling food/potions is joining random servers and sending trade offers to every player for ur food (don’t understand how a guild could improve a food vendor enthusiast)

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