I'm well known now?


||Who are you?||

He is the famed Roblox player who is mainly known for his actions in the hit roblox game, “Arcane Odyssey”, in which he would take hits on dastardly lads who attack new players of the Roblox experience named, “Arcane Odyssey”! Everyone knows of b_waredevil!

Guess you’re living up to the name of daredevil

bro’s become the ao universe’s spiderman

Spiderman Odyssey

Holy crap it’s HermProtege and he’s in AO reddit lol.

idk you but if this is true, you are so based

You must teach me your ways

be dicks to dicks

Oh … But I don’t want to stoop to their level tho

Nah its not snooping down to their level I’m not toxic I just smack them around abit and make them leave the game.

w (Three characters)