Imbue Cycle

Imbue Cycle
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Very small but quality of life suggestion. Double tap of H will quickly cycle to the next available imbuement option. For example if you’re a vitality build with Eagle Patrimony and you double tap H it will go to spirit energy imbue, then double tap again for Eagle Patrimony imbue, then if you double tap with no further options available you cycle back to no imbue.


I don’t think it would be useful even for lazy people tbh

It will be definitely be useful further down the line when we have 3-4 imbuement options. Especially for Savants

As a Savant this sounds very helpful for the future.

this sounds very useful

never gonna use this but at least it seems to be easy to add

Would love it


wait, but whats the ‘normal’ way to cycle? or does that not exist?

I see no issue with this

there is none lol.

will be useful later on

Just a good little quality of life addition. One issue I see with this though is uh, how would this work for second awakening savants? They can imbue both a fighting style and magic type (and presumably spirit energy too) into a weapon simultaneously. Or did I misread something way back and they can only have one imbue at a time? (Which would be incredibly lame.) The wiki at least says that all three would be imbued at once into a weapon, though I’m unsure of the legitimacy of that claim.

Hell yeah

Why not cycle by default?

I would prefere tap H to Cycle the Imbuement option right away and you hold the H to open the menu to select an option.

I feel that in the middle of a fight with how unresponsive Roblox can be at times I prefere a single hit of the key. Especially when there is only one other option.

This is actually a good question that I don’t have an answer to

My suggestion for the Savant problem is that they they can use cycle imbuement but only for one attribute at a time for multi imbuement they got to do it the old fashioned way and if they cycle imbue while a multi imbue is on they turn it off

Btw could imbue cycle be used while your performing attack so the moment you use crash for example you can make it a flaming crash while you’re performing it cause k could see people using that as a method of deception which I find cool and a little bit confusing

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