Important game tips

Important game tips
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Due to how complex/unintuitive formulas for stats and abilities have become, and other important information like fighting style stats, luck potions not affecting legendary fish, boss drop rates and the like, there needs to be a game tip that alerts casual players to the existence of the AO wiki, maybe even link it in the front page as well (I know its not an official wiki but its still great for tons of purposes).

Apparently a new discord server is being worked on that will contain all the weird stat efficiencies for magics and abilities and whatnot, if that ever comes out I think that should be linked in the game as well since a new player making a build has no way to know how all these things work without having to navigate through several discord servers and google documents.

Alternatively just have this info on the game itself.
Ex: “You obtained the cernyx amulet. 20% drop chance”
Ex: (hovering over a luck potion) “Boss drops: 1.5” “Sunken drops: 2.0”
Ex: “Iron leg: 0.925dmg, 1.15size, 0.69speed…”
Ex: “Pulsar scroll…yap yap yap… Dmg affinity: 1, Size affinity: 0.25 …”


QoL features?

in MY Arcane Odyssey?

roblox has a (very inconsistently enforced) rule that you cant post offsite links that arent mainstream sites like youtube and twitter, and theyd easily put the entire game under review because roblox is like that

ive even seen people get in trouble for linking a tweet in their group shout even though its allowed in the rules, overall i think its safe to trust players just to look things up if theyre confused

Yeah, roblox tends to get all b*tchy when someone tries to mention discord because they know all too well discord is much better and more popular so they don’t want to hear about it
Kinda like the Berlin wall

Oh so that’s why discord is tagged in roblox

wait but then why do i see links to discord servers in some games?


you can see discord links on the homepage of games if you are 13+ but doesnt mean they can be advertised in game


Nowadays when you hover on your stats like attack speed you can see the exact percent you get from whatever 100 or 200 attack speed actually represent because I do not even know why use 100 attack speed if that does not give 100% attack speed or even close.

Its a MASSIVE quality of life improvement for casual players to actually have an IDEA of what things actually do. You get it for magics when you select them but other than that I learned to live inside of the Wiki reading EVERYTHING because of how horribly obscure all mechanics are.

Its not something unique to AO many games are obscure. I remember playing Pokemon and only dozens of hours later I learned mechanics such as Same Type Attack Bonus which would have been damn nice to have known at the start of the game! Point is core mechanics should ALWAYS be clear on how they work.

You could also link players to the AO wiki but if you ask me a good design is one in which you depend less and less from an out of game manual AKA being able to get the vital information within the game.

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