Important message to all deepwoken players


TBH directly turning off your pc and then yeeting yourself out of the window would be the fastest way to achieve this, but yeah going through the process of safely doing it is fine I suppose :man_shrugging:

If you want to extend the joke’s life, go read the comments on the page.

Yo I found 3 players in the Outside and gripped them, pretty good loot, but they barely fought back. Didn’t even parry my attacks. Also, all of them were using a really bad fist style.


So I found this weird item called “Time Machine”, and it teleported me to the New York server but with a mostly grey color palette and lots of the buildings destroyed by some player, and it seems like a Brazilian player who obtained the very rare “Double Jump” Galebreath ability is running at me with a weird red sword, what do I do?

yo holy shit outside