Improbable weapon IDEAS

so i was strolling around the superpower wiki for references and materials and found this

so i think, what would it be like if AO also have unconventional weapons? ( maybe thats what artisan weapons would be idk )

im not gonna do all of them cause im not that creative, just some

i dont really bother making them actually powerful either, just fun/unique to use

  1. Anchor - Club Weapon Type
  • deals extra damage against sea monsters
  • Brutal Rush is replaced with a skill that involves you throwing the anchor at your target and pull them toward you also works on sea monsters
  1. Broom - Staff Weapon Type
  • m1 and skills clears rubbles from glass magic ( maybe other as well? ) in a medium area around you
  • has a chance to obscure your target’s vision for 0.5s maybe?
  • Knocking Blitz involve you flying on the broom toward your target instead ( if you’re Conjurer )
  • has the ability to fly but cost a lot of mana maybe? ( only Conjurer ofc )
  1. Cape - uhhhhhhh Weapon Type
  • special accessory type weapon maybe?
  • Q is a dash skill that can obscure your target’s vision by warping the cloak around their head
  • E can deflect attacks away, maybe only reduces dmg if its a melee skill? Or maybe just make this a parry/ block animation
  • dunno about 3rd skill
  1. Fishing Rod - Staff weapon type
  • similar to the anchor but its a staff, Piercing Gale is replace with a pull skill and also deals extra dmg to sea monsters
  • can fling fish you caught maybe?
  • you can now fish sea monsters, which will put you in a small minigame you instantly die if you lose
  1. Fan - Dagger or Claws Weapon Type
  • All skills have knockback similar to wind
  • Q will create 3 cyclones instead which will travel back to the player after reaching their max distance
  • E will create a cyclone wall around you that exists for a few second ( maybe move this to ult/3rd skill instead ? )
  • You can now high jump while in the air
  1. Lasso ( rope ) - uhhhhh Weapon Type
  • skills can bind or fling the target around, dmg dealt is based on what material the target hit ( you have to manually aim where to fling them, and they can break out while you do that )
  • can bind a sea monsters to ride them, which will put you in a minigame constantly, failing will instantly kill throw you off the sea monsters ( which usually mean instant death anyway )
  1. Parasol / Umbrella
  • Conjurers can use them to cast spell, doesnt do anything, just for look
  • parry/block will involve you open your umbrella to block
  • if you are not equipping anything, your character will automatically uses umbrella while its raining, preventing you from getting soaked ( or maybe you need to manually equip them? )
  • equipping them while falling will slow your fall and allow you to glide around, costs a medium amount of stamina
  1. Pillow - this reminds me its 11:30 and i need to sleep


bash it against someone head, can drink the coconut to heal stamina

or gain status effect ( inviforgatring or smt idk im sleepy )

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Meat smack them with it and do a lot of damage also give the Food Poisoning status which does 10% of their hp every second ad they only way to clear it is to go to the Hospital

Your list doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t have a frying pan that allows you to reflect any projectiles))))

considered but i didnt think about this :eyes:

Cat claws, very fast but low on everything except bleeding

And ears to make everyone around you get love potion effect.

Interesting ideas. More detailed commentary hidden under summary, because I feel like it… got a bit long.

Some commentary on these things

Alternate variant of this: Mop.
Cleans up puddles only. Can inflict the status effect of the most recent puddle it cleaned, or water, if the user has been soaked after cleaning a non-water puddle.

Assuming this would clear out poison clouds, too?
Also, could have a grab where, if this is meant to be a folding fan, it starts with closing the fan, hitting the target over the head (if humanoid), and, possibly, either hitting them with the closed fan a few more times, before opening it and blowing them away, or, if the fan has some kind of bladed edge, attacking them with that a few times… before still blowing them away.

This could probably just… be a variant of a shield, with very different animations, and a slightly different moveset? The Q skill might need to either be a grab, or temporarily prevent you from using this weapon. Another possible skill for this would be what you originally had as the Q skill, minus the blind, but with some knockback, instead?

… I feel like you were inspired by a usage of EGO in Limbus Company. Ishmael’s version of Roseate Desire, to be specific

Couldn’t this just… default to being an odd combination of Rapier, and Shield? For non-conjurers/savants post-second awakening, I mean. Or pre-first awakening conjurers, too.
Could have some kind of extra toggle to decide if you are using the parasol/umbrella while it is closed (more like a rapier), or while it is opened (spiked shield on a stick), or if you want to use magic through it. Sorta like an addition to the imbuement selection, maybe?

So… my best guess for making this work, is essentially needing to aim sorta like with a gun. Also, a grab that doesn’t move you? Or maybe a grab that only moves you if you hit something that isn’t alive (or undead, or a non-autonomously moving plant).
Another possible move could basically be the spinning move from either swords or greatswords (can’t remember which one had them), though with less damage, and instead… either knockback, or some kind of slow/paralysis?
No comment on the “ride a sea monster” minigame.

Club that deals little to no damage, but has high knockback, and possibly applies a damage penalty to whoever gets hit with it?

Plus, some things I thought of, that I didn’t see mentioned here.

My ideas

Pebbles: Technically related to guns. Bizarrely fast reload. Do not include grab. Might make more sense as a slingshot.

“Magic Circle”: Someone decided to either, make a fake magic circle out of some kind of wire, or use an ACTUAL magic circle as a shield. If it is the latter, this cannot be used by builds that don’t have magic, and can by default only be found in variations that match one of your magics.
Either way, this shield would be unusually fragile, but also have more potential for dealing damage, or take on more damage from attacks it blocks, possibly . Or both. If it’s an actual magic circle, it might also repair itself faster.

Leftovers: Rotten fish bits. Available as… basically any weapon type, other than shields, and ranged weapons. Can randomly inflict Poison, Slow, or random stat penalties to those hit with them. Maximum health cannot be lowered like that, though. Rarely might inflict Insanity, or diseases, if/when those are added. Lower damage than usual for their level, though. Also, might not actually drop as different variations, but allow swapping between different versions from a “source” version.

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it was her original EGO but they are basically the shame visually ig

instrument weapons (this is why im not allowed in the discord)

Snagharpoon is “throw harpoon, reel target in for shield bash”.
Roseate Desire was the anchor on a ribbon.

Anchor Blade:
A dagger in an anchor shape attached on a wire that can turn into a crossbow.

Extendable swords.

Axe guns

Combination Rifle:
A breech loading rifle with precision sights and a under barrel blunderbuss and grenade launcher with attachable bayonet and a metal underside for deflecting attacks.

Machine Cranked Organ Gun:
Eight barrels lined up into rack. Each rack stacked up 5 times, rotating between each rack with a crank mechanism.

Oil slick blades:
Blades in a flammable substance set alight.

Revolving Cannon.
Six cannons set on a vertical wheel. Firing once in set alignment.

Flying ships.

War chariots.

Marksman Observation Balloons.

Warlords get access to a weapon called “The sailboat” which is literally just a sailboat they throw around and hit people with