Improving Inventory Clutter

Improving Inventory Clutter
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Getting jewels with random effects can be cool if you haven’t leveled jewelcrafting, but its also really annoying when the game spams these in your inventory and now you have to search through all these random jewels to get to the ones you want.

Add “dusty jewels”, these will replace the ones with random effect gems you obtain naturally, and when clicked, they will unravel their type and stats. That way all your unneeded jewels will be packed into one item, dusty jewel, improving clutter.



This also makes it more exciting for when you want to stockpile your “dusty jewels” to open all of them in one go to see what you get. Kinda like treasure chests but in your backpack.

Aside from that, sure why not?


dusty jewel mass sales :money_mouth_face::hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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I’d rather not have Jewels show up in the backpack at all, but there’s probably going to be some weird reason why they have to be there.

Seems coolio. Okay.

yes. i cant count the number of times ive missed an item while scrolling through the items sections due to all the different gems and their rarities cluttering my backpack

hell yeah

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I guess that would work.

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anything to reduce my inventory clutter :frcryin:


I once spent like 30 minutes trying to find a specific candelaria when I already had a few of them. would definitely like this feature


Aventurines like literally never drop for me in gem form so on my knight I just upgraded a bunch of pre-crafted ones, but I would definitely prefer if they didn’t trash my items inventory unless I’m standing next to a merchant unboxing them ready to sell everything I’m done with

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Pretty creative way to reduce inventory clutter.


Only thing to keep in mind is that it would need another term to describe where you got those from. Cause the ones you get from chest are different from the ones from fishing for example.

Aside fron that, hell yeah the QoL would be insane

Vetex removed extra colors from treasure pools but the gems were the real culprit

Make it so you can still see the rarity through the dusty thing so we can sort them a tiny a bit (and sell legendary dusty jewels for double the price so people can gamble :money_mouth_face: )

Or better yet, all perfect % gems get the shining prefix and sparkle effect no matter what rank gem it is

DUSTY JEWEL GAMBLE :smiling_imp:

trading 10x dusty jewel i swear they are all armor piercing

I am not sure.

On one hand completely agree we gotta reduce that clutter and having dusty gems seems like a way to initially reduce that clutter.

However once I accumulate a couple dozen of dusty gems I will likely clean them all and then by the time I am done I will once more have the clutter that I have to deal with. That and the added chore of now having to clean the gems.

Also it seems trivial to implement but since its a rather innovative idea I don’t know how difficult it might actually be to implement the code for it in game and to not bring any bugs with it.

Disregarding my critiques I do like the core of the idea of storing gems away to reduce clutter, that seems the right way to go.

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