In arcane odyssey what is considered a mini boss?

Commodore Kai and Architect Merlot both new to the game have come under the tag mini boss. But whats the difference between these npcs and regular boss npcs?

eh probably something with more hp than your standard enemy npc, more complex attacks and abilities, but isn’t probably important enough to the actual story of AO to be considered as a boss and rather more just a challenge you have the option to take


without a boss bar (like mino and exiled in wom)

probably an npc with high health who has a few unique things, which for now seem to be weapons. i dont think they have unique skills but who knows

come to think of it, how many minibosses were in aa? right now i can only think of the first sea ag captain, the fire wizard, ulysses, sage, ahab, graves, harrison, and the alalea captains. idk if averill would count

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id say averill and trigno count as minibosses

what the why was this the solution and my post wasn’t :sob:

this isn’t even AO this is AR

idk i was just adding to rayman_axels list, my reply doesnt even explain why theyre minibosses lol

npc with a bit more levels lol
(yes im also counting mc captains by going with this)

Probably just without a boss bar but higher health and stronger than your average npc. Others are saying if they aren’t relevant to story but White eyes isn’t relevant and it’s a boss

optional/side-quest bosses or just ones with really high stats

any being with a name you can fight

a 5’11 boss.

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